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MidCon is not the only con

Aaargh! I meant to publicise this earlier but got dragged down the pub on successive evenings by workmates old and new.

However, if you are reading this the same day that I am posting it, there is still time to attend the Autumn Mini Beer & Pretzels Games Weekend on October 18/19th 2014 at the Three Queens Hotel, Bridge St, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire DE14 1SY.

It is a non-residential con but if you mention Autumn B&P when booking a room at the 3 Queens you will get a 5 discount off a double room.

The con is run by our friends at Spirit Games and in keeping with the ethos of that excellent games shop, you will find a broad spectrum of games being played at the con: board games, CCGs, FRP, miniatures and beer.

As such, it is not like most of the other cons in the calendar.

One bonus is that it is held in the brewing capital of Britain and so the beer is sure to be good - I am not sure about the pretzels, but they do soak up the beer.

Rooms going fast

I have just heard from MidCon HQ and, subject to a recount, all of the single rooms in the main Hallmark Hotel have now been booked. 

Double and twin rooms are still available and, of course, there are also rooms available across the road in the Hallmark Inn, but these are also going fast.

In fact, bookings are at their highest level since 2006 so you had better get your skates on if you want to book a room at either of the hotels.

There is nothing to stop you from booking a local B&B and trekking to the hotel, and I will be doing some research on this front soon. 

Games stall

I have had some kind soul volunteer to help me on the Bring & Buy games stall. One or two more would be welcome, so we can operate a shift system. Use the Queries button in the left margin to let us know if you want to help out, or just make yourself known to the committee when you arrive at the con.

As before, we will be charging a 5% commission to cover the cost of hiring the room, which those of you who attended last year will know was a big improvement on the room we used to use.

We have a Boardgamegeek guild

In fact, for all I know, we have two (see Facebook entry, below).

If we'd created the guild 42 guilds earlier we could have got the coveted 1830 number for our guild, but as it is, the URL is:  

Please join the guild because currently I am Nobby No-Mates and the only guild member.

The guild has a calendar - just one entry on it at the moment - plus a forum (empty) and an images library (ditto).

Take two Facebooks into the shower?

It seems I was a off the mark with my previous comments about us not having a Facebook page. I might have known that young Dave Simpson had already set one up. Unfortunately, I only found out after I had also set up a Facebook page.

So, now we have two. We are the Janus of the Facebook world.

The original and much more populated page is here and has been for yonks.

The new MidCon Facebook page, which had better become a page dedicated to the Bring & Buy games sale, is:

There is not a lot on it at the moment, and nothing that is not already on this web site but that may change at some point in the near future. We may even get around to publicising it at some point.

Next stop, Witter (sic)

Dates have been confirmed

The 2014 MidCon will be held on November 7th - 9th. 

As you can see from the booking form, room rates are similar to last year's level. We took a real bath on the coffee (not in the coffee) last year, with the bill 600 higher than the year before, so we are still working through the accounts to determine registration fee.

Rather than put the registration fees up to cover the expected loss on the flasks of hot drinks in the convention rooms, cups of java and char will be available over the counter in the Wyedale bar, which is the bar where the real ale is sold.. 

Cafetiere coffee will also be available from the main bar, but at a somewhat higher price, I imagine.


We still have some T-shirts on the Settlers theme.  You can have any colour as you like, so long as it is white. If memory serves we were banging these out for 12 a pop.

The T-shirt design is below.

Bring & Buy

We'll be doing the Bring & Buy again but we've had to introduce a charge for sellers in order to cover the cost of hiring the room, which this year will be the Milldale room. We will be skimming 5% off the selling price of any games that are sold.

Games that will be on offer

If you want to give punters advance notice of the games you will be bringing along to sell, contact John by rearranging the following elements into the right order for his e-mail address: 

  1. john 

Clue: Put them in the following order: 2-1-3, with no spaces in between!

This year I will once again have sheets printed with unique game ID numbers on them that I can hand out to those sellers who will, to use a technical term, be selling a shed load of games.

They can then put details of the games they have for sale on the sheets, take note of the game ID numbers and put the appropriate numbers on post-it notes and attach them to the games. That way we might streamline the booking part of the Bring & Buy.

Absolute beginners

If you are new to MidCon or games conventions in general, Paul Oakes has bashed out a guide for newbies.

Advance orders with Spirit Games

Spirit Games will - we presume - once again be running the official games stall. If any you have any specific games you'd like to buy from him - including those released at this year's Essen games tournament - phone him on 01283 511293 or e-mail him to see whether they have it in stock and, if they do, he will put it to one side and then bring it along to the con. 


Directions on how to get to the con by coach, aeroplane or winged chariot are now available in two flavours: Word document or PDF file.

I know this photo looks like it has a big crease going north to south just right of the centre of the picture, but that is, in fact, a piece of string, atop of which is a helium filled balloon. The balloon is always (well, almost always) with a committee member to make it easy to find them.