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The exciting bike race game for three to six players aged 10 and up. No dice, no charts or tables, no saddle soreness. It's a tour de force!

Box and bikesHighlights of our reviews:

...good enough to bear comparison with the standard setters... (Stuart Dagger in Sumo)

...this is a diamond of a game. (Tony Hetherington in Games & Puzzles)

In Breaking Away, each player controls a team of four cyclists of varying abilities. The object is to steer the team to the highest number of points, gained over a race which simulates a one-day event (or a day of a tour, if you prefer!).

The game is designed to be played in around an hour; there are no dice!

Breaking Away is supplied boxed, with a full colour laminated board, plastic cyclist figures, sprint cards, movement record pads and rules.



Breaking Away

British customers, buy this game for 22

European customers, buy this game for 36

Non-European customers, buy this game for $44

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