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German rules for Breaking Away (also in Word For Windows (2.* and above) format

Italian rules for Breaking Away in PDF format

Quick Start - Guide to the first two turns of Breaking Away (Word doc)

Play Breaking Away online

QBasic version of Breaking Away

Instructions for the QBasic computer game (also in Word for Windows 2.0 format)

Frequently Asked Questions

Breaking Away Sprint Cards (large file)

A4 Breaking Away movement log 

Madison - a Breaking Away variant

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This page covers those extra bits and pieces for Breaking Away that might make life just that bit easier.

It has only taken me 18 years to get round to it, but I have written a 6-page guide to the first couple of turns of your first game. It is aimed at people who have a life outside of board games and who therefore might not be so familiar with concepts we gamers take for granted. It's in Word format but I can do it in PDF if you prefer.

For the many German fans of the game we have German version rules of the game. We are greatly indebted to Dr Gerd Bohlender for these.

Our Italian friends are not overlooked, either; Leonard Loria has done an Italian translation of the Breaking Away rules.

We are also greatly indebted to George Crawshay for converting the game to computer format. You'll need QBasic to run the game and some instructions on how to play the game. Just save the file as BA.BAS and run it from within QBasic.

For those times when the rules are a bit too vague we have a Frequently Asked Questions page, which includes details of the eight player variant. Send e-mail to John Harrington for more details.

Ton Segers has designed a variant of Breaking Away, based on the Madison style race where a team of two cyclists alternate stints in a race.



Breaking Away


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