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Photos of the riders
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Painting the cyclist figures

Judging by the photos on the BoardGameGeek.com, a lot of people like to paint their cyclist counters.

One of our customers, Steve Holmes, was kind enough to send some photos of figures he has painted.

He also provided some notes on the exercise.

"The first mistake was trying to paint a tyre on one of the bikes - the detail is far too fine for my eyesight.

"Talking that paint off took a lot longer than putting it on.

"I decided to paint the each rider, but leave the shirts in their natural colour.

"The plastic didn't take well to the lighter paint colours.

"(Black paint good, brown paint good, white paint and flesh tones less good).

"The Blue and green riders also seemed less happy about being painted than the white and yellow ones.

"I'm at a point where the painting is almost done, but the paint is very fragile.

"I'm planning to give each rider a coat of hard gloss varnish to finish, and hope that holds it all together.

"If I were to do it again I'd probably order a big batch of white riders, prime them and then give each team a covering of their base colour.

"The little guys do look good when organised into a mess peloton. Fingers crossed that the varnish works."

When he sent photos of the cyclists, he provided these added notes.

"I've gone for a classic look form the era when riders wore caps, and colours were relatively simple.

"Painted items: Shorts and shoes (Black), Arms/Legs/Faces (Selection of tones), Gloves/Handlebars (Various - contrasting), Headgear (Mostly white with darker coloured peak - some reversed).

The hastily assembled background was supposed to resemble a road running through fields.
The actual look is closer to a causeway crossing the sea.

Photos of the Riders

Pink cyclist covers green breakaway 

As above but different perspective

Green team breakaway covered by orange and white

As above but different angle

As above but from above (a bit)

Yellows take up the pace

Yellow putting in the hard yards

The peloton ... not looking good for the four at the back

Tightly bunched

White conga chain

Blue laggard

Crossing the blue sea




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