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Please note that Fiendish Board Games' licence for this game has now expired. A German company has now licensed the game and is producing it under the name Formel Fun. You should be able to purchase the game through one of the specialists in German games.

What type of bike race?

Devil Take The Hindmost is a cycle race game staged on a steeply banked indoor track. Every few laps (3 1/2 or sometimes 10) the last rider to cross the line is eliminated. This continues until only two riders are left, and these two sprint out the final lap to determine the winner. Between Elimination Laps the riders jockey for position and excitement builds as the frantic sprint develops with each rider doing his best to avoid being in the fateful last position as the line is reached.

The nature of the race - frequent sudden sprints interspersed with laps during which the riders reform in to a bunch, each rider carefully watching the other - make it tiring, both physically and mentally, and the winner is usually the rider who has shown not only great sprinting ability but a high degree of cunning as well.

This card game seeks to recreate the skill and excitement of this type of race. Each player controls 2, 3, or 4 riders (depending on the number of players and the number of laps over which you wish to race) and by playing a card from his hand moves each rider in turn around the 30-space track. Each lap one rider is eliminated until only two remain, and these then race it out over the final lap of the track. The winner of the game is, of course, the player controlling the winning rider, but we also provide a point scoring system to enable you to stage a team race, with points being awarded as each rider is eliminated and a special bonus for the winner.

The game has been produced under licence from Lambourne Games.



Devil Take The Hindmost

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