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Cut your colleagues down to size!

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...The feel of the game is where it scores. All of the mechanics come together neatly to give quite a flexible environment where tactical play and occasional sweeping strategy are paramount ...

- Mike Siggins, Games Games Games

In Office Politics, each player attempts to gain control of the largest number of departments in the company. This is done by investing "kudos" to try and gain control of a department so as to earn further kudos from it to invest elsewhere. Takeover attempts are made along lines of influence, so if (for example) you control all access routes to the Chairman then you get an unimpeded crack at converting him to your cause - unless, of course, one of your opponents plays an action card to thwart you.

The game is for 2 - 6 players, is designed to be played in around 90 to 120 minutes, and as usual with our games, there are no dice!

Office Politics is supplied boxed, with a colour laminated board (in two parts), six sets of "kudos" counters, pawns to denote control of departments, colour action cards and pistachio shells - sorry, we've eaten the pistachio nuts! - to cover over obliterated influence lines. 

When ordering, please specify whether you require the English or German language version.

Customisable boards

For an extra 5 we will provide an additional board customised to reflect the company or organisation you work for. All you have to do is substitute names for the departments or job titles on the board - for example, you could replace "Chairman" with "Cheerful Alan Sugar" if you wish - and we will make up a copy for you.

To see what the game board looks like, click here. Please note we have now upgraded the board to colour and laminated it.




Office Politics

British customers buy this game for 18

European customers: buy this game for 28

Non-European customers: buy this game for $38


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