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 Colour laminated boards (upgrade)

Customisable boards

What the board looks like

German edition

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This page deals with add-ons or upgrades for Office Politics

Colour laminated boards

For you poor buggers that bought the black & white board on styrene we can offer you a colour laminated board in 2 (A3) parts. These are available for 4 (add 1 postage if ordering from outside Europe). Details of how to order things from us are available by clicking on the Shop button in the Navigation bar on each page.

You can see what the board looks like if you like. The upgrade is only recommended for those of you of an aesthetic bent, as it is the same (only nicer looking) than the black & white one (oh, and it is resistant to coffee spills too). Please specify whether you want the English language board or the German language board.

Customisable boards

For an extra 5 we will provide an additional board customised to reflect the company or organisation you work for. All you have to do is substitute names for the departments or job titles on the board - for example, you could replace "Chairman" with "Cheerful Alan Sugar" if you wish - and we will make up a copy for you.

To see what the game board looks like, click here. Please note we have now upgraded the board to colour and laminated it.

German version

We do have a German version of the game, which includes German rules, German action cards and a German board. The German rules are available free (just send us the English rules back), as are the Action Cards (please send back the English language action cards) but the board will cost 4 (see above). You can keep the old board if you upgrade to the new German version




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