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Games Companies

We're not the only games company to have a web presence. Here's a few of our favourites.

Dice & Games provide us with games components, including the cyclists for Breaking Away and the plastic discs in Office Politics and Traffic Lights.

Gibson's Games is just about the last major UK owned board games company around now. It is good to see Diplomacy still in their line.

I've invented a board game, what do I do now? We quite often receive this sort of e-mail and for those doing a "hobby" type game we try and give some advice but if your game is aimed more at Toys R Us then try  The Interational Toy & Game Innovation Conference. Alternatively, see the Fiendish game design section of this web site although Kickstarter has made a lot of this DIY advice ludicrously dated.

Tom Jolly of Diskwars fame also has a game design page

You might also want to try Taylor & Clifton, a printing company in Oldham, Lancashire (is it still Lancashire or some ludicrous new made up county?). Geraldine Dick was the contact name I had back in 2005.  

The term "meeple" was apparently featured in a question recently on the quiz show "Pointless"; the contestants got the answer wrong. Nevertheless, the term has gained some currency as evidenced by the web site Assorted Meeples, which has a web page entitled 12 Best Board Games With Cards.

"Hmmm, nice bits" is the first thing you normally hear when one opens a German game for the first time. There's something pleasing about wooden components. Vintage Games Woodworking Plans have a nice "woody" site, featuring woodworking plans for vintage board games: mechanical table hockey, pin-ball baseball, crokinole board.

There are a number of independent game publishers out there (we are not alone). Here are some of them.

Guild of Blades Home Page - Grunt, Dark Realms, The War to End All Wars
Real Action Games - Makers of The Ultimate Racing Board game 

If you have a site which you think should be listed here, drop us a line.




Games Companies

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