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UK Games Conventions

We used to keep a long list of games conventions but never kept it up to date, whereas Chris Dawe does keep his list impeccably current.

So, thank you, Chris. 

We'll just restrict ourselves to plugs for a few of our faves.

MidCon: If it is not the original residential board games convention then it must be the one that has been going the longest. Now located in top-class hotel in Derby that is staffed by people that actually seem to like having board gamers stay there, it is the one con I never miss, even though it almost always coincides with number two son's birthday.

ManorCon: A close second to MidCon in terms of longevity, it's a slightly larger con than MidCon (about 300 attendees versus MidCon's 240 or so), and cheaper too, seeing as you get student accommodation rather than a hotel room (it's based on a campus at Leicester University). A bit sweaty, as it is held at the height of what passes for summer here in the UK.

TringCon: A one day event in Marsworth, which is near Tring. I would genuinely attend this convention for the food alone and would cheerfully pay twice as much to attend.

Other cons where you are likely to see one or both of the Fiends are SorCon and, when we remember, Beer & Pretzels.




Games Conventions

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