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Game Design

"I've designed this game," is the way the e-mails usually start. I try whenever I can to help but I don't have the time to do a comprehensive reply. Fortunately, Matt Sears has "donated" me some links on game design from his now defunct game design page.

Illuminati Designer Article: Steve Jackson discusses the events that lead him to the creation of Illuminati.

Keeping it simple: An article by James Ernest, founder and head designer of Cheapass Games, especially for those of us who like to pile it on.

Swoop: A British game called Swoop led Mike Siggins to wonder about the differences between mainstream games and "gamer's games."

Designing a game for your school project: An attempt to stop GCSE gtaphics students bombarding me with queries (which I don't mind) and then generally forgetting to thank me for my assistance (which I do mind)

Stock Car Championship Racing Card Game: Mike Garton, creator of Stock Car Championship Racing Card Game, talks about its design.

Narrative and Atmosphere in Boardgame Systems: Our man Siggins again

The 18xx Series - A Case for Re-Design? Siggins speaks; Martin Wallace (Age of Steam) listens!



Game Design

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