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Last updated:
October 24, 2009

Take That You Fiend!

After 162 issues of hard graft the editors of Take That You Fiend! have knocked it on the head.

Co-edited by boyhood pals John Harrington and Kevin Warne, with occasional assistance from a number of external gamesmasters, TTYF! offered a mixture of games over the years, from the light'n'easy (Choice, Sea of Despair) through medium head-scratching (Breaking Away, Dreadnought) to the "mega game" (Mogul, Metric Mile, and A League Of Our Own). Back in 1994 it was voted joint-best Diplomacy zine in the British hobby, despite never having run a game of Diplomacy in its life (it's a long story).

Freed from the rigours of producing TTYF! to 5-weekly deadlines John hopes to be able to concentrate on Fiendish Board Games a bit more and maybe even update this web site once in a while. Kevin hopes to kill at least one person on the hockey pitch before he retires, but the person he kills will probably be himself

Going going gone .... actually, TTYF! may not necessarily have gone for ever. One of the most popular features of the zine used to be Kevin's annual Sick Review of the Year. This has continued to be published in various zines and on this site.

Back issues are available if you send 2 second class stamps (we'll provide the envelope). Why not try a sample copy to find out what this postal gaming lark is all about? Write to this address:

Fiendish Board Games
1 Churchbury Close
United Kingdom

or e-mail us with your details and we'll take it from there!

Selected TTYF articles

Music To My Eras John Harrington's personal view of the interwoven development of British and American bands in the 60s and 70s. Annotated with extensive links to far-flung web-sites.
Review of 1997 Kevin Warne's mordant look back on what got us all excited back in 1997
Review of 1998 Kevin Warne's synopsis of the trivially important in 1998
Review of 1999 Kevin Warne spurns the opportunity to review the century or the millennium and sticks to 1999
Zine idioter Ever thought of starting your own zine? Here's lots of reasons why you should not.

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