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What's been added recently?

Play Breaking Away online

Lord knows how long Board Space has been offering players the opportunity to play the game online, but they are. Chances are, they even wrote to us and asked permission.

A Canadian stockist

We have to admit we are not really set up for bulk orders here at Fiendish Towers. It's not that every game is hand-crafted by cunning gnomes, but we do assemble each game as each order comes in.

Anyway, Racing Line Hobbies of Ontario has shown the patience of Job in waiting for us to fulfil what for us is a biggish order.

From about March 2016 onwards they should have Breaking Away in stock and some extra teams as well, so check them out if you are ordering from t'other side of the Atlantic.

Some nifty paintwork

Some people have the patience, skill and eyesight to paint their Breaking Away cyclist counters. Steve Holmes is one of them.

Web site overhaul

The web site has been given a long overdue overhaul. It still looks like it was designed in the nineties by someone still living in the seventies, but what the hey?

Mind your language

The rant about people who cannot pronounce the letter H correctly has probably elicited more feedback than anything I have written since the infamous vasectomy article I did for Take That You Fiend! magazine.

I've updated the comments section at the bottom of the article and sneaked - not snuck - in a few new abuses of the English language that are doing my nut in.

Price increases

The Royal Mail was privatised/sold for a song back in October 2013, since when UK postal prices have soared almost as fast as the chief executive's remuneration.

We've held prices back for as long as we can but in some cases recently it has cost us more to post the game than the amount we are receiving for it, so the prices have been increased.

Breaking Away resources

We have some rules for Breaking Away in Italian. Our thanks go to Leonardo Loria for doing the translation. Check out the fantastic version of the board he has made, as well!

We once sold a batch of games thanks to a mention in Cycling magazine and as most of these purchasers are unlikely to be regular gamers, it has finally prompted me to write a quick guide to the first couple of turns of Breaking Away. 

On the resources page we have added some very nice colour game aids: an A4 colour movement log sheet and an A4 colour Sprint Cards sheet. Both are in PDF format. Beware, the Sprint Cards file is about 5Mb in size.

I only wish I could remember who sent these to us about 3 years ago, so I could credit them. If it was you, please get in touch!


We have added a few more Frequently Asked Questions to the Breaking Away section. I really need to rewrite the rules and put a few more examples in.



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